M2P Minvent Inflatable Overhead Protection Systems For Refractory Maintenance

M2P Inflatable Overhead Protection Systems for Refractory Maintenance

M2P engineer our Inflatable OPS to include internal support systems to assistthe OPS to support the weight of the refractory liners.
M2P can manufacture the OPS to fit large Refractories allowing maintenance staff to perform works without traditional rigid scaffolding and netting.
M2P design and manufacture their inflatable Overhead Protection Systems (OPS) to customers’ specifications and can be deployed quickly with plant airlines or relocatable blowers. OPS are designed to apply pressure/force to all surfaces contacted. This pressure prevents objects from dislodging or falling.

Case studies have shown customers achieving huge savings in cost, time and labour through implementing the M2P OPS during maintenance, shutdowns and general operations that require overhead protection for their workers. The time savings involved have also allowed these customers to increase overall production allowing improved profitability.

Our OPS are installed before personnel enter an open space, mitigating the risk of objects falling into work areas. The OPS can also be safely monitored via our Auto Alarm Systems, further increasing the safety of personnel working in the vicinity.

Designed and manufactured in Australia these OPS can be customized to customers’ requirements. For more information on these OPS or any of our other Minvent Products click here.

M2P also provide Structural Mechanical & Piping fabrication, construction and maintenance services. Click here to find out more.